Code of Conduct for parents


  • Remember that although children play organised soccer they are not minature professionals
  • Don't place excessive pressure to perform to unrealisticaly high expectations
  • Children play soccer to develop their skills, to have fun and enjoy the game
  • Do not coach children. This is the role of he coach, positively encourage only
  • Be on your best behaviour and lead by example. the behaviour of a teams supporters will often be remembered long after the result of the game. Be remembered for the right reasons.
  • Applaud good play, sportsmanship and best effort by the visiting team as wel as your own
  • Welcome and respect all your teams' opponents. Without them there would be no match.
  • Condem the use of violence in all forms at every opportunity.
  • Verbal abuse of players,  match officials or opposing supporters cannot be acceptd in any shape or form. Players r match officials should never be regarded as fair targets for ignorant or abusive behaviour.
  • In the right spirit parents are welcome to approac coaches to duscuss oncerns.


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